PAMS Assessments Ltd is now Closed permanently.

          On the 19/06/2023 we announced the upcoming closure (originally 18/08/2023) of our company
          PAMS Assessments Ltd to all of our customers.

          For nearly 10 weeks from the 19/06/2023 to the 25/08/2023 we provided free closing support to all of our
          PAMS 4.0/3.0 software license holders. We extended our original closing date (18/08/2023) by 1 week
          to allow users longer to download and register our free extra PAMS software licenses and support docs.

          During this period we sent multiple emails to all PAMS trained users and PAMS software license holders
          detailing our free support and free extra PAMS software installations we offered so that PAMS can be used
          indefinitely by users after our company's closure.

          This period has now ended and our company PAMS Assessments Ltd is now permanently closed.

          As we are closed, we will no longer reply to any emails or be providing PAMS support.


          All of our previous email addresses will no longer exist.

          All PAMS software or related file downloads will no longer be available from our website.


           We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all our existing PAMS customers for their loyalty
           and for embracing our
PAMS Assessment and training over the years.