PAMS 4.0 - AMENDMENTS - 02/12/2016

Please Note:
As stated in the PAMS 3.0 Instruction Book, training was highly recommended in the PAMS 3.0 but this has changed in the PAMS 4.0 to "PAMS training is needed for anyone who purchased the licence and intends to use the PAMS assessment with families".  Anyone who is PAMS 3.0 trained should be able to use the PAMS 4.0 without further training. Ultimately, organisations, agencies and individuals hold the responsibility for ensuring that they are PAMS trained when they use PAMS materials. 

The following amendments have been made to the PAMS 4.0:

1.  Parent Booklet
Page 35.  Environment & Community 31.
Insert "Skill 3b" above Question A.

2.  Instruction Book
Page 35.  Out of Home Placement Report (OHP). 
The "Main Assessor" should state "Post Assessor" and the "Second Assessor" should state "Initial Assessor".

3. Instruction Book
Page 46.  Skills Index.  General Safety 22.  Skill 6.  should read:
"Electrical sockets are NOT covered by blanking plugs".

4. Instruction Book
Page 49.  Question A.  Example Responses:  "Milk/eggs/..." should read:
"Cow's milk/eggs/wheat/fish/shellfish can make babies < 6 months ill but much older children can have these if they are not allergic to them"

5. Instruction Book
Page 72.  Budgeting 15 Skills 1a:
5p = 20 should be inserted after 10p = 10

6.  Worksheets
Page 68.  General Safety 22.  Skill 6. should read:
"Electrical sockets are NOT covered by blanking plugs".

The PAMS Scoring Criteria is an abbreviated guide to what constitutes "adequate" parenting knowledge and practice, based on government guidance, research and professional feedback at time of print. Whilst ongoing amendments to the criteria are provided via PRINT Docs/PAMS Software Main Screen, ultimately it is the PAMS user's responsibility to update/keep current their knowledge of acceptable parenting practices.