PAMS 4.0 training is needed for anyone who owns the software licence and intends to
use the PAMS 4.0 assessment with families.
Anyone who is PAMS 3.0 trained should be able to use the PAMS 4.0 without further training. For more info click here.

PAMS 4.0 Server edition is designed to operate/be deployed from a server environment.
There are currently many councils throughout the UK using the PAMS 4.0 Server Edition.

Deploying PAMS 4.0 to run from a server saves valuable time on installation and maintenance (applying updates). Our PAMS 4.0 Server license allows usage for a fixed number of concurrent un-named users, giving a wider range of users access to PAMS 4.0 then individual desktop installations.


PAMS 4.0 Server works similar to the PAMS 4.0 Desktop software in that only a single application
is installed (via an .MSI file). Depending on the production environment, users can run PAMS 4.0 Server via a thin client or deployed via APP-V, Citrix (or similar software) or a shortcut from the server to run on the end user's PC. PAMS 4.0 Server doesn't require its own dedicated server and can operate in a virtualised environment. A separate licensing server isn't required as the license file can be placed on the application server too.

A database is not required for PAMS 4.0 Server as all user data is saved as flat files in the user's local Windows user folder by default (this can be changed (see SET GLOBAL SAVE DEFAULTS below) to save anywhere, e.g. a network disk drive.) Each user has full control over their created PAMS files (as with any desktop software e.g. MS Word). Backups can be set to backup all created PAMS user files (see below).

PAMS 4.0 Server allows for 10 days offline use if the user's server client software supports this (e.g. APP-V or Windows network folder/file caching).

User created PAMS files are typically small in size (e.g. 50KB) but can range up to 6MB for Report files (Microsoft Word format).

A Minimum number of 20 users is required for purchasing the PAMS 4.0 Server Edition.

PAMS 4.0 Server ONLY runs on Windows 64 bit editions. This is due to a restriction of Java only now running on 64 bit Windows.


Below is the minimum spec needed to install and run PAMS 4.0 Server, although the more
CPU and RAM you can provide, the better the performance.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008/R2/2012/2016 - 64 bit edition



6 GB Free Disk space

No database is required

No third party software is required to be installed except Microsoft Word which is used by users to edit Report files generated by PAMS 4.0 Server.


Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 - 64 bit edition

No third party software is required to be installed except Microsoft Word which is used by users to edit Report files generated by PAMS 4.0 Server.


PAMS 4.0 Server allows for a fixed number (purchased license number) of concurrent users to run the software either remotely or locally. The users don't have to be named and we leave the management of the users to the customer.


The user has full control over where they save their files created in PAMS. Created files can be saved anywhere on disk (as you would in MS Word etc). The default save location is in the user's Windows' APPDATA folder. However PAMS 4.0 Server admin features (see below) allow your IT dept to change the default save locations to be any disk location for all users. Also automatic backups can be set for all user data (see below).


We take your privacy and data security seriously. No data is ever collected by PAMS 4.0 Server on usage or activity.
All user created files are saved only by the user in a destination of their choice. No files or data are stored in any database or file stores outside of PAMS 4.0 Server (i.e via the internet). The user (or your IT Dept) have complete control over where all user created files are saved.


PAMS 4.0 Server includes the following features not included in the standard PAMS 4.0 desktop software:


PAMS 4.0 Server can create automatic backups of all user created PAMS 4.0 Server files saved to any disk location (network drive etc).

                      • SET GLOBAL FILE PATHS

PAMS 4.0 Server allows the ability to set once the default disk location where all user files are saved in PAMS 4.0 Server (network drive etc).

PAMS 4.0 Server allows the ability to display messages to all PAMS 4.0 Server users on startup (e.g advice on using PAMS or IT support specific messages).

PAMS 4.0 Server allows the ability to prevent users from using PAMS 4.0 Server (e.g for a brief period when IT support are applying upgrades or performing maintenance).

PAMS 4.0 Server allows the ability to set Internet Proxy settings (e.g. to allow PAMS 4.0 Server internet access to check for updates).  

All the above features can only be activated and changed by a Windows admin user (e.g IT
support) and are also password protected. A Change History log also captures details
regarding when changes are made to the above settings.

New recent files feature added to allow for quick opening of PAMS 4.0 Server created user files.


We appreciate you may have queries as to how PAMS 4.0 Server will be compatible within your existing IT framework. We have many UK Councils and Organisations currently using PAMS 4.0 Server successfully with no issues. However we do offer a FREE fully functional trial testing period of PAMS 4.0 Server for up to 1 month. We simply e-mail a download link for the PAMS 4.0 Server software, a setup guide and a trial license key.

If you would prefer to test PAMS 4.0 Server on your systems before purchasing, please contact us at