* PAMS 4.0 Server Edition will be Released on the 02/05/2016 *

PAMS 4.0 SERVER PACK - £749/User License (includes VAT and p&p) (minimum 20 Licenses)

Each PAMS 4.0 Server Pack includes the PAMS 4.0 Server Software (1 User License), hard copy spiral bound Instruction Book, Parent Booklet and Knowledge Booklet.

PAMS 4.0 SERVER SOFTWARE LICENSES ONLY (excluding hardcopy booklets if you already have these) - £692 (1 Server User License including VAT)

We offer discounts to upgrade existing PAMS 3.0/PAMS 4.0 Desktop licenses to PAMS 4.0 Server.
Please contact us for more details.

Please contact us at to enquire about purchasing the PAMS 4.0 Server Software.