PAMS 4.0 Commissioning TRAINING - Booking

PAMS 4.0 Training Terms & Conditions:

The Customer will pay the Service Provider a cancellation fee if they cancel the PAMS Training workshop:

i)    6 - 8 weeks before the Training Date: £2,109 (30% of total fee)

ii)   2 - 6 weeks before the Training Date:  £3,516 (50% of total fee)

iii)  14 days before the Training Date: £5,273 (75% of total fee)       

iv)   I agree to reimburse the trainer's costs (e.g trainer's accommodation, travel etc) resulting from
       changes in the workshop date or a workshop cancellation.  

v)   This Training does not include the PAMS 4.0 software licence and books.

vi)  I understand that workshop attendees will receive PAMS Exercise Packs but not PAMS
      Books or a PAMS software Licence.

vii)  I agree not to re-sell/advertise "in house" PAMS Training commercially.

viii) No reimbursement for loss of accommodation or travel costs resulting from a workshop cancellation.

ix)  PAMS 4.0 Training Certificate will only be issued to attendees who fully attend the two day workshop. 

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