PAMS 4.0 Commissioning TRAINING - Booking

PAMS 4.0 Training Terms & Conditions:

i)   No refunds due to cancellations made less than 4 weeks prior to the PAMS 4.0 Training Workshop.

ii)  90% refund for cancellations 4-6 weeks prior to the Workshop (minus £50+VAT admin fee).

iii) 100% refund for cancellations 6+ weeks prior to the Workshop 
(minus £50+VAT admin fee) .

iv) This Training does not include the PAMS 4.0 software licence and books.

v)  I understand that workshop attendees will receive PAMS Exercise Packs but not PAMS
    Books or a PAMS software Licence.

vi)  I agree not to re-sell/advertise "in house" PAMS Training commercially.

Please tick this box to confirm your agreement with the above
      PAMS 4.0 Training Terms & Conditions.