An Introductory 2 Day PAMS Training
Workshop covering the Models,
Theories and Skills required to
complete a PAMS 4.0 Assessment


PAMS 4.0 - 1 day Refresher
Course Outline & 

Training times - 9.15 am to 4.00 pm

This workshop is aimed at refreshing participants’ understanding of the Models, Theories and Skills underpinning the completion of a PAMS 4.0 Assessment.  Configuration from PAMS 3.0 to PAMS 4.0 will be covered for those participants who wish to update their knowledge and skills.   Different uses for PAMS 4.0 will be explored for those participants who wish to advance their understanding of the versatility of the PAMS applications.

A workshop requirement is that participants should:

    Have previously completed a PAMS 3.0 or 4.0 Introductory 2 Day Workshop.

    Have completed PAMS 4.0 reports so that you can bring your experiences, queries and learning to the

    Bring a laptop with the PAMS 4.0 software installed with you. 

Workshop objectives:  

1.      To consolidate understanding of the theories and models underpinning the PAMS 4.0.

2.      To reflect on and share your experiences of implementing PAMS and producing reports.

3.      To explore the range of PAMS 4.0 applications to befit the challenges of different assessment

4.      To help you feel more confident about inputting data and using the PAMS 4.0 software.

This Workshop will be of interest to social workers, family support workers, psychologists, health visitors, midwives, barristers, solicitors, children’s guardians,  family mediators, judges, magistrates, researchers and academics.