An Introductory 2 Day PAMS Training
Workshop covering the Models,
Theories and Skills required to
complete a PAMS 4.0 Assessment


Course Outline & Objectives

Training times - 9.15 am to 4.00 pm

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the methodology underpinning the PAMS 4.0 assessment and all of the PAMS 4.0 tools, and their multiple applications.   The workshop will also cover how to generate PAMS 4.0 Reports from the software and how to apply PAMS 4.0 to the measurement of interventions.

Workshop objectives: 

Day 1:  

1.    To identify the major differences between the PAMS 4.0 evidence based approach to the assessment
       of vulnerable families and other assessment approaches.
2.    To learn about the theories and working model underpinning the PAMS 4.0 software and how these    
       interface with the Assessing Children in Need Framework and Common Assessment Framework.
3.    To be able to use the PAMS 4.0 software in everyday practice and within the context of the courts.

Day 2:

1.    To practice and gain confidence in using the PAMS 4.0 software.
2.    To apply the PAMS 4.0 software to the measurement of interventions.
3.    To explore how PAMS 4.0 can assess complex and diverse family situations.

This Workshop will be of interest to social workers, family support workers, psychologists, health visitors, midwives, barristers, solicitors, children’s guardians,  family mediators, judges, magistrates, researchers and academics.